Yoga for Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Stress, Anxiety and Depression are the biggest cause for our health problems. Each if not address will deteriorate our bodies ability to fight of disease and illness. 

More studies have found that a Yoga Practice helps the body and mind to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Psychology Today magazine states Yoga helps address Stress and Anxiety in 7 ways:

1) Yoga lowers tension and promotes relaxation. 

2) Yoga helps us regulate the breath.

3) Yoga increases bodily awareness.

4) Yoga interrupts worry cycles.

5) Doing yoga demonstrates self compassion.

6) Yoga fosters self-acceptance.

7) Yoga trains us to accept discomfort.

For Depression, a study, published in Neuropsychiatry Journal (London), shows that specific yoga postures and deep breathing can increase GABA levels in the brain that can block impulses between nerve cells in the brain and may play a role in depression. Earlier research has linked multi-week yoga programs significantly lower scores on depression screening questionnaires.

The practice of Yoga relinks the body with the mind, couple with breathing and postures resets you back into a balanced state. This balanced state enable all of the factors that create stress, anxiety and depression to dissipate. A regular practice give you the tools to have a happier, stress reduced way of life.

Here is a list of Gentle classes to begin your practice at Gotta Yoga Studios.

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