Yoga for Cross Fit, Runners, Kayakers, & other Athletes

Cross Fit, Running, Weight Lifting, and any other Athletic activity benefits from good form, proper breathing techniques, and yes great stretching of your muscles and joints before and after your workout.

Yoga is a great complement to any Athletic activity. At Gotta Yoga Studios, we have Athletes of all types looking for ways to:

  • Regain their flexibility

  • Find better form to reduce injuries and improve their game.

  • Practice their breathing techniques to improve their performance

  • Improve their mental focus to enhance their ability to compete.

Yes, a regular Yoga Practice can be that tool to succeed, even if it is to enjoy your sport without those nagging injuries. 

Here are some reference Articles give you some of the benefits of a Yoga Practice:

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Deep Stretch Class and Flow Classes are a great place to start your Yoga Practice. A list for both Studios is provide for you!!!