Beginning a Yoga practice is not a difficult as we (including me) try to make it. The key is finding the right class to begin your practice.


We have offered Beginner Classes and will be offering more soon. But until then here is a list of great classes to enter the Studios and find your way into a class.

This list of Classes are all great entry level classes with Teachers that will assist you in developing your practice.

What to bring and do:

  • Yes, bring a Yoga Mat. If you don't have one, we have mats for rent for $2.00

  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes. Something that you can bend, twist, fold and move easily in.

  • No Shoes required... yes we practice yoga in a our bare feet. Good for improving balance and your posture. We have cubies to store your shoes and other personnel belongings.

  • Leave your cell phone in the cubies. You won't be needing to call anyone during class. This time is about you doing something for you. 

  • Water, bring a water bottle to quench your thirst is a good idea. 

  • An optional towel to wipe your brow or hands is useful.

  • Come 15 minutes before your class start to enable you to place your mat, say hello to the teacher, maybe make a new friend and let go of your day.

Here is a list of Classes great for Beginners at both Studios.