Yoga for Back Pain & Injuries

Back Pain is one of the main reasons people show up at a Yoga Studio. Other injures in the process of healing are another reason that people show up to take a class.

Yoga is a great tool to help the healing process to work through your body. We at the studio are not Doctors, nor do we profess to have the ability to cure you. 

We do have extensive experience with help Students find classes and poses (including modifications to poses) that if practiced regularly, will aid your body to heal and restore itself. Patience, kindness and a regular practice are the tools you will need to succeed.

Visit our studio, we can advise you about the Gentle class, Deep Stretch Classes and our Injury Prevention Class. These classes can be great places to start your journey back to a healthier body and mind.

Here are a couple of links to articles that can help you understand the benefits of a Yoga Practice to promote healing in your body.