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2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga - $20


Yoga for everyBODY is our Motto.

Gotta Yoga Lake Norman has studios in Cornelius and Mooresville.

We have classes for:

Beginners & busy individuals looking for options for the fitness and mental health that will fit their budget and ability.

Athletes including Golfer & Tennis players, Runners & Fitness enthusiasts looking to increase flexibility, strength, and balance.

We have classes for those suffering from back pain and recovering from injuries in support of their medical professionals plan.

We also provide classes that are great at stress reduction. Those with anxiety and depression also benefit for a regular yoga practice.

Yoga has the ability to provide solutions to many of our daily challenges and aid us with achieving our goals in life as well.

At Gotta Yoga Studios - Cornelius & Mooresville, we help you grow your yoga practice to benefit you.

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